I started my day by going on my laptop and doing school. After doing school, I played games, read creepypastas, watched videos, played some more games and everything was alright. I listened to music while writing a story entitled Story Number 3 and I played some terraria. I got some food. I watched some TV and looked at flowers. I got a drink and I had to use the bathroom before opening it. I went to the bathroom and opened the drink. I realized I linked the page to itself. Ha! I'm a genius! I chatted on the creepypasta wiki. I asked if they wanted to read my story and Why said he/she wanted to. I told him/her I was finishing the story. I finished the story and said it was done.

Whoa! I had a wild dream today, there were these creatures called humans! It was only a dream. I'm going to go eat some cat food now.


If you want to play terraria with me, download gameranger.

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